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Porter is the Zapier for data reporting; we connect your marketing apps to Google Data Studio.

With no-code hacks and playbooks, we help marketers worldwide do their reports with no analysts or engineers needed.

Connect your Facebook data once, and get it up-to-date on your reports. 

No engineers, no analysts, no SQL, data warehouses, and that stuff. 

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Instead of an isolated tool, centralize Facebook along with all your marketing data on Data Studio, the favorite reporting tool for marketers, like us. 

Not familiar with reporting tools? No problem.

Porter gives you the templates and playbooks ready to automate your reporting in a few clicks. 

We’ve got templates for every marketing use case, task, and role!

Get reports of any Facebook page; that is yours, your competitors, and any company you’d like to track. 

No free trial, no previous sales meetings (we hate those), no credit card required. 

How Porter makes it even easier

Free reporting for everyone

You can use Porter Metrics to access our report templates gallery, inspired by real use cases. Review the galley to access to:

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It is ok if you want to set up your report, but if you need help with it, feel free to contact our specialist team in charge. We can set up your reports for free!

Reporting tutorial

We already have a tutorial to show you how to set up your report template, including use cases, charts customization, blending examples, and more.

Connectors metrics list

If you are working with our report template, you need to know all the metrics and dimensions that belong to. For this reason, we’ve created this list.

How it works

Sign up

You'll be directed to Google Data Studio (make sure to be signed in).

Choose pages

Write down the user name of the Facebook pages (separate by commas).

Get reports

Get a customizable report template. Change colors, add charts, and connect other apps.

Connect with other apps

We know how powerful this report template is, and we also know how connecting this report with others apps can help you to have a full overview of your social media platforms.

You can check our connector list to review similar connectors such as Instagram Ads and Google Ads to create a cross-channel ads report visualizing your total ad spend and conversions across your paid channels.

Learn how to connect your report template with other apps in the following tutorial: Google data studio – Blending data.


These are metrics associated with this overview:

This report template is really for free, and you can copy it and use it whenever you want. However, you need to pull your data from the Porter Metrics.

Once you have successfully created a copy for this template, you will start a 14-days free trial with us. Also, you will choose a paid plan to upgrade your porter metric account and keep the connector working. 

Note: If you don't want to upgrade a plan with Porter, you may keep with the template, but the connectors will stop working, which means your data won't be available in this stunning and comprehensive template.

When you have a custom report template, you can visualize real-time charts and know your performance when you have a custom report template.

Once you have set up your advertising report template, you will follow these steps to analyze your data:

  1. Define a goal: to analyze your SM strategy campaigns performance; you should compare your KPIs against a goal to have a context. To set up your goals, you may consider metrics such as ROAS, CAC, and CPL as they're a measure of the impact on your business. 
  1. Break down your data: to identify where your metrics are underperforming, break them down by dates, campaigns, regions, ads, devices, etc. With more than +100 breakdown options, SM will help you spot where ad spend is wasted.
  1. Map a funnel: funnels describe purchase journeys so you can spot where your audience gets stuck. We've got a funnel report template for that.


You can customize your report by creating new charts, adding filters and controls, custom formulas, colors, logos, and changing the size of your canvas.

We have created the following video tutorial to show you all these options to customize your SM report template: How to customize a Google Data Studio report

As we have shown you, Porter Metrics has been created as a non-code platform for marketers and agencies to automate your Data Studio reports in some minutes. 

The difference between Porter Metrics and competitors is the non-code and the resources that Porter Metrics offers. You can also review this reporting tools list to know all the solutions available, including Porter Metrics and competitors. 

Please make a copy of this funnel report template and use it now to track your campaigns. As we show you, these are the steps:

  • Login with Google
  • Connect with your APP
  • Choose your ad accounts
  • Set up the conversion window and reporting time

Remember, if you need help to set up your report or star tour free trial, you can schedule a call, and we will be happy to help you.

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