Facebook connector for Google Data Studio

Visualize your Facebook pages organic efforts on Google Data Studio. 

Facebook Insights templates for Google Data Studio

Data Studio + Facebook

Google Data Studio makes marketing reporting easy and powerful.

Create custom formulas

Play with your data as it was on Google Sheets. 

Schedule reports

Schedule the day and time you want to send interactive and PDF reports to your customers or team. 

Add multiple accounts

Combine all your data sources like Facebook and add more accounts in your reports.

Dozens of visualizations

Use scorecards, heatmaps, bar charts, geo maps, line charts, pie charts, to tell the whole story. 

Why Facebook reporting matters

When we built this connector we always wondered about its use case. Brands really wanted to measure their followers and like counts? They’re just vanity metrics, right? 

Then, we understood the value of Instagram—and its metrics.

Depending on your content strategy, your success is a function of your audience size and engagement. The more engagements you get (e.g. likes, shares, saves, sends, and comments), the more exposure you get, from both new and loyal audiences that you can retarget or interact with through comments or direct messages. 


Check our pricing page to get the full details. 

You need a Google Data Studio account (so, a Gmail or Gsuite account). 

For connecting Facebook Insights data, you should connect with a Facebook profile that has permissions on the Facebook pages you want to visualize. 

We built a product tour to help you create your first dashboards on Google Data Studio. 

Yes! Please, explore our help center, where you can find our documentation and blog. You can also reach us out via Messenger, email or scheduling a call. 

You can find a list with all the fields and metrics we bring for each connector on our documentation. 

If there’s a metric or field missing that any other connector offers, we will bring it, too. We will bring all the metrics the Instagram API allows.