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Honestly, do we need another Shopify reporting tool?

Signing up for another reporting tool means siloing your data (again), needing your team to learn it, or dedicating developers.

Or you can use Porter, so you get your reports in the tools you’re already familiar with and where your data is already.
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Still wasting time with manual reporting?

Most marketers still spend 10% of their time copy-pasting data on sheets and taking screenshots for their reporting

❌ Typos and data entry mistakes happen often

❌ Don’t know what to improve on time

❌ You don’t have time to focus on what matters

Other reporting tools just make you slower

Every new Shopify reporting solution comes with great new problems:

❌ Your team needs re-training on yet another marketing tool

❌ You to require developers (and wait for them for weeks for an implementation)

❌ Commonly not self-service; you need to wait weeks for quotes, implementations, and changes

Here’s How to automate your Shopify reports within minutes

With Porter, you get your Shopify reports in the tools you’re already familiar with so you

Step #1

Securely connect your data

We connect your Shopify  accounts—along with all your marketing data—so you can get it all in one place.

Step #2

Use our +80 report templates

Once data is connected, you’ll load our default report templates so you don’t need to do it yourself or learn anything.

Step #3

Custom widgets and charts

Step #3

Create custom widgets and charts

Leverage Google Data Studio’s dashboarding capabilities with dozens of chart types like.

Can I have a preview of my Facebook Ads?

Yes, you can bring your ads images, text, CTAs, links, and previews

Step #4

Visualize all your metrics and KPIs

+600 metrics and dimensions to analyze your Shopify data as needed.

What Shopify metrics do you offer?

We’re creating a Shopify field list for you to access soon.

Can I create any type of chart or table?

Yes, Data Studio is versatile, and allows you and your team to visualize data as you wish. 
Combine metrics and use filters to create meaningful analyses. 

Step #5

Make interactive reports

Use filters, buttons, and date range widgets to analyze your data how you need.

Step #6

Leverage white-label Shopify reports

Google Data Studio reports (and templates) are 100% customizable to impress your clients and team:

Can I schedule weekly and monthly reports?

Yes, Google Data Studio lets you schedule report emails with any frequency to the email addresses you choose.

Step #7

Share your reports

Choose how you want others to access your Shopify reports.

Shopify reporting use cases included

Once data is connected, you’ll load our default report templates so you don’t need to do it yourself or learn anything.


Learn how to analyze your Shopify data


Customers choose us for our support

Get inspired with the templates Porter has prepared for you! 

Get your reporting done in seconds with our ever-growing gallery of Data Studio report templates inspired by our clients and marketers from all around the world.

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In a nutshell, Porter is built for marketers who don’t code, want to do things by themselves, appreciate personalized support and hate bureaucracy.

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