Automate your Data Studio reports in a minute

Fast and reliable no-code reporting for marketers

(Think of Zapier for data reporting)

+600 customers worldwide are now reporting with us, including


How Porter gets your marketing data integrated in one place

Porter is built to let any marketer without previous knowledge on Google Data Studio to automate reporting in a few minutes.

First Step

Connect your data in seconds

Connect +10 apps to Google Data Studio in a few clicks

What makes Porter connectors better?

We bring as many metrics as the apps’ API offers. If any metric is missing, you can request it to our team and we will bring it within days. 

For instance, if you connect 3 Facebook Ads accounts, you’ll get their ad spend or campaigns data combined.

We bring all the historical data from your apps allowed by their APIs, which is around 2 years, in general.

We use cache to instantly load the charts that you have already created in the latest hours.

Our connectors already bring calculated metrics so you don’t need to do it, such as cost per acquisition, conversion rates, or engagement rates.

Second step

Go faster with our +80 customizable report templates

Don’t know Google Data Studio or reporting? No problem - Quickly duplicate our actionable report templates made by marketers like you.

Templates by type


Track your stores and marketing channels performance—all in one place.


Take Google Search Console reporting to a next level with advanced, custom dashboards.


We make sure to place you on top of Google searches & stay prominent.

Social Media

Track your audience growth on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

Lead Generation

Our mission is to increases your company’s ability to reach new levels in your industry.

Third step

Share custom, white-label reports

With Data Studio, you can customize any report template with your colors, logo, icons and fonts so it doesn’t feel like Data Studio but your own reporting tool.

You can share your reports however you like: convert them into PDF, share links, embed on any website, or even schedule email deliveries.

Fourth step

Learn to report and do something with your data

Video tutorials, guides, and templates to help you hits your marketing goals with data.

Fourth step

Learn to how report and do something impactful with your data!

Video tutorials, guides, and templates to help you hits your marketing goals with data.

Fifth step

Get the support that no one else can provide

We take pride in our support - so do our users.

Thousands of marketers use Porter already

Porter helps marketing teams focus on their metrics so they can predictably grow. Connect your apps to Google Data Studio and automate your reports today!

It’s free. 1-min setup.
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What makes Porter unique?

In a nutshell, Porter is built for marketers who don’t code, want to do things by themselves, appreciate personalized support and hate bureaucracy.

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