Privacy Policy

Data collection and use

All the information collected on, is only owned by Porter Metrics. We won’t share, rent or sell any Personal Identifiable Information and business data we collect to third parties, unless it is required to comply with the law. 


Personal Identifiable information


Personal Identifiable Information (or PII) is all such data that addresses to identify a user as a person or individual. That is names, emails, phone numbers and more non- anonymous contact data. 


We collect such data through different forms on our website and after signing up to use our service, either through a form or signing up through a 3rd party like Facebook or Google. 


All PII is used for user management and contact purposes; these databases are not sold to any 3rd party. 


Email subscription


After filling a form, Porter assumes a user is accepting our site privacy policy and terms and conditions.  


Users have several ways to opt-out from Porter email list; each email contains a link to let each user unsubscribe or cancel an email subscription. 


Also, users can request to opt-out by contacting us at


In some cases, we may ask for additional information like company name, business vertical or other categories. The purpose of such data collection is to keep our content and service as relevant and personalized as possible. 


Payment processors


We use payment gateways providers like Stripe, Payu, and Paypal to manage all payments. 


As such, we do not collect sensible financial data like credit card numbers, besides PII details a user provider gives during a payment. 


Our site is encrypted by using the SSL protocol (the HTTPS at the beginning of our domain URL), as a standard security practice. 


Service cancelation and data retention


We offer connectors; we get data from data sources APIs and send it to a data visualization tool; no data is stored on our servers (so there’s no historic data to retain) unless we offer such backup service, whose conditions will depend on future offers. 



We do use cookies. A cookie is a piece of data stored on users pc hard drive with information about the user. Cookies help websites “remember” users to personalize their experience.


Cookies also help Porter send and personalize advertising through direct email and re-marketing through advertising platforms. In all cases, users are able to manage their advertising preferences with Porter Metrics.