Our pricing

Only pay for the connectors you use. Pay a flexible, fair price for a good product. 

Our pricing, explained:

  • If you’re an individual who wants to report a single account, let’s say, a Facebook Ads account, the solo plan ($15/mo) is right for you. 


  • If you’re a team with 1 Facebook Ad account, 1 Facebook page, and an Instagram business page, those are 3 accounts. The Teams plan, which allows up to 5 accounts, would be the best fit. 


  • If you’re an agency managing 10 Facebook Ads accounts, 5 Instagram business pages, and 5 Facebook pages, you would connect 20 accounts in total. In this case, you should choose the Agencies plan whose price, on average, is $4/mo per account connected. 


$12.5 / month, billed annually
  • $15/mo, billed monthly
  • 1 user
  • 1 account
  • Unlimited reports
  • Live chat, email, Zoom, and community support


$66.6 / month, billed annually
  • $80/mo, billed monthly
  • 5 users
  • 20 accounts
  • Unlimited reports
  • Live chat, email, Zoom, and community support


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  • Custom pricing
  • Domain-wide licences
  • Done-for-you connections
  • Custom reports


Some people call them connectors; others call them plugins. 

A connector is the app that “connects” your app’s data so it can be visualized on Google Data Studio.

Currently, we offer connectors for Facebook Ads, Facebook Insights (i.e. Facebook page organic efforts), and Instagram Insights (Instagram Business pages organic pages). 

You pay for accounts, not for connectors. 

An account corresponds to every single Facebook Ad account, Facebook page or Instagram Business page you would like to connect to Google Data Studio. 

Let’s say you’re a small business with a Facebook Ads account, and Instagram business account, and a Facebook fan page. In this case, you would connect three accounts, for which our Teams plan—which allows up to five accounts— is best for you. 

Just as another example, you may be an agency with five customers. Each of these customers have one Facebook Ads account, three of them have an Instagram account, and four want to visualize their Facebook fan page data. In total, you would have 12 accounts, so we would recommend you our Agencies plan, which allows up to 20 accounts. 

Yes! We’re happy to talk with you to figure out an ideal plan for your company. 

Instagram Insights, Facebook Insights, Manychat, Twitter, and LinkedIn are under development and will be launched in the next few months. 

We also develop custom connectors and dashboards. Reach us out at juanjose@portermetrics.com to talk about it!

We use 2Checkout as our payment gateway, which allows all credit cards and Paypal. 

Yes, you can buy all our plans in a yearly basis. You will get 2 months free. 

To simplify it, ad a zero to the monthly price to figure out the yearly plan; if you buy the $30/mo plan, you would pay $300 for a yearly plan. 

You’re allowed to “turn off” dormant accounts, or any account that you simply want to stop reporting on. 

Beware that such cancellation should happen before the payment cycle. 

For instance, if you pay each 5th of a month, make sure to cancel a given account on the 4th before you get charged for it. 

Yes! You don’t need to worry to switch your plan manually. 

If you pass from 1 to 2 accounts, your account will be setup in the next tier; you would pass from paying $15/mo per 1 ad account to $30/mo per 5 accounts. 

We offer a 14-day free trial so you can test and love Porter, so further refunds don’t apply. 

However, we’re open to review several cases where we can accept refunds. 

Yes, by default your plans will be set to automatically renew each payment cycle. 

However, you can switch to manual to control your billing. 


We hate those companies that block the exit. 

While we will be sad to see you go, we make our cancellation process as smooth as the payment process.