Our pricing

Porter connects your everyday marketing apps’ data to Google Data Studio so you can automate your reporting in a few clicks and for a few bucks a month.

Stop wasting time on manual reporting with Google Sheets and presentations with screenshots. You’re better than that.


Only pay for what you use

With Porter, you only pay for connections.

A connection refers to an app account (e.g. a Facebook Ads account, LinkedIn Ads account, Facebook page, or Instagram page) connected to Google Data Studio.


$12.5 / month, billed annually
  • $15/mo, billed monthly
  • 1 connection
  • Unlimited users


$66.6 / month, billed annually
  • $80/mo, billed monthly
  • 20 connections
  • Unlimited users


Contact us
  • Custom monthly/annual plan for the number of connections you need.

Why we're different

Reach out to our support team at any time via live chat, email (support@portermetrics.com), phone, and schedule video calls

Call us not only to solve problems; we want to help you set up your reports for your clients and team, and analyze your data. 

Get support in English 🇺🇸 and Spanish 🇪🇸, available from 8 am to 6 pm EST (GMT-5)

Other connectors charge differently for data sources, accounts, users, and even type of connectors, making your monthly bill unpredictable. 

They even make you pay for more data sources than you need with tiered plans. 

With Porter, you only pay for the connections you want. We wrote this article to explain with greater detail how connections work. 

A connection is one app account (e.g. Facebook Ads account, LinkedIn Ads account, Facebook page, or Instagram page) connected to Google Data Studio. 

You may request our team to remove connections of your plan so you only pay for what you need. 

You may request a custom plan on our live chat, email (support@portermetrics.com), or schedule a video call

We will migrate your Google Data Studio dashboards built with other connectors and will replicate them 100% with ours, for free. 

Just request a migration via live chat, email (support@portermetrics.com), phone, and schedule video calls

We’ll take up to 2 business days to complete the migration. 

We created a Google Chrome Extension to let you have our live chat on Google Data Studio to get access to our support and documentation asap. 

Porter removes the Google Data Studio limit of joining up to 5 data sources by letting you bring multiple Facebook Ads accounts, Facebook pages, Instagram pages, or LinkedIn Ads accounts data in a single connection. 

We bring every field and metric available in the apps’ API. 

We make sure that we build Google Data Studio that you can trust will work during your meetings and presentations. 

If there’s any field that another provider brings and we don’t, feel free to request it. We’ll be happy to add it fast. 

Take a look at our blog, Youtube channel, and help center to help you automate your reporting on Google Data Studio.

Even our competitors come to our site to steal our Google Data Studio report templates. That’s cute. 

Our report templates gallery is fed by our community of marketers, agencies, e-comm sites, and people from everywhere happy to share their work with you.

Compare plans

Solo Teams Agency Details

Annual plan

Get 2 months off with annual plans.

Monthly plan

Cancel any time. Optional auto-renewal.




Only pay for the connections you create reports with.

A connection refers to a Facebook Ad account, a Facebook page, an Instagram business page, or a LinkedIn Ads account connected to your Google Data Studio reports.

Team members

Users refer to email addresses with a Google Data Studio account.

Data sources

Facebook Ads + Instagram Ads, Instagram Insights, Facebook insights, Linkedin Ads.
Facebook Ads + Instagram Ads, Instagram Insights, Facebook insights, Linkedin Ads.
Facebook Ads + Instagram Ads, Instagram Insights, Facebook insights, Linkedin Ads.

We're currently developing connections for more data sources. Feel free to check our product roadmap.

Reporting tools

Google Data Studio
Google Data Studio
Google Data Studio
Currently, we let you report on Google Data Studio. Google Sheets is coming soon.


Google Data Studio offers unlimited dashboards.


Live chat, email
Live chat, email
Live chat, email, phone, video calls.
See why hundreds of businesses choose Porter 😉

Historical data retrieval

Porter doesn't store data; we retrieve it from APIs.

Google connectors (free)

Google Data Studio already offers free native connections to products like Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Sheets, Google Search Console, and Youtube. As such, connecting these accounts doesn't add up to your Porter license.

Report sharing

With Google Data Studio, you're free to give editor or viewer permissions to other users or even make your dashboards public.

Schedule email delivery

Google Data Studio lets you automate email delivery to send snapshots, a PDF version, and access to your live dashboards.

Custom branding

You can fully customize colors, fonts, sizes, and logos so your Data Studio dashboards can have your brand's look-n-feel.

Data refresh interval

We get data as it's updated from the data sources API.

Report templates

Get free access to our eve-growing Google Data Studio templates gallery.


Some people call them connectors; others call them plugins, others data source. 

A data source is the app you bring data from. 

Our currently available data sources are Facebook Ads, Facebook Insights (Pages), Instagram Insights. (Pages),  and LinkedIn Ads. 

Our pricing is based on the number of connections.

We wrote this article to explain everything about connections to help you determine how much you will pay for Porter every month. 

A user refers to a unique email. 

We suggest that such email is the one you or people within you company use to log in on Google Data Studio. 

Users are useful when your data sources account permissions are across multiple emails.

You may have access to a Facebook Ad account with your Facebook profile, but you use a different Facebook profile to manage your Instagram page. 

In this case—instead of buying two separate Porter plans—you can buy a license and allow two users in one Porter license to connect to all the data sources needed in your company.

Google Data Studio already offers free connections to products like Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Search Console, Youtube, and Google Sheets. 

Porter brings data to Google Data Studio from other popular products like Facebook so you can centralize your business data in one place. 

Google Data Studio is a free business intelligence tool that lets you visualize any data. 

Porter makes it better by bringing data automatically from other apps and sources. 

Data Studio offers great features like data blending, custom formulas, user management, scheduling reports email delivery, and more. 

Feel free to check our Google Data Studio product tour or our step-by-step tutorial.

For some companies, the number of accounts they connect will ramp up quickly, causing sudden, unexpected billings of hundreds of dollars. 

We avoid that by offering you a custom plan for dozens of hundreds of accounts. 

As a rule of thumb, the more connections you have, the less you will pay on average per connection. 

We’re open to considering other pricing models. 

By now, our connection-based pricing lets you pay strictly for what you use. 

If we priced per client, you would be paying the same amount for a customer who is paying for connecting dozens of Facebook Ads accounts and Instagram pages(which common in franchises) and one that only needs to track a single Facebook Ad account.

In this last scenario, for instance, you would be underutilizing your account, paying more to only use a little.  

Yet, if you feel that it would be better for your agency to pay per client, feel free to reach us out to get a custom plan.

We use Stripe as our payment gateway, which allows all credit cards and payments methods. 

We offer a 14-day free trial so you can test and love Porter, so further refunds don’t apply. 

However, we’re open to review several cases where we can accept refunds. 

Yes, by default your plans will be set to automatically renew each payment cycle. 

However, you can switch to manual to control your billing. 


We hate those companies that block the exit. 

While we will be sad to see you go, we make our cancellation process as smooth as the payment process. 

Our pricing, explained:

  • If you’re an individual who wants to report a single account, let’s say, a Facebook Ads account, the solo plan ($15/mo) is right for you. 


  • If you’re a team with 1 Facebook Ad account, 1 Facebook page, and an Instagram business page, those are 3 accounts. The Team plan, which allows up to 5 accounts for $30/mo, would be the best fit. 


  • If you’re an agency managing 10 Facebook Ads accounts, 5 Instagram business pages, and 5 Facebook pages, you would connect 20 accounts in total. In this case, you should choose the Agency plan whose price is $80/mo (on average, $4/mo per account connected).