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Error example Porter Metrics

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That is why our team of supPorters is constantly seeking out new ways to improve your experience. 

Find the latest updates of the connectors you use by clicking on the tabs below. 

Error Example Porter Metrics

Become a rePorter and notify our team if something is not going as expected, feel free to reach out!

We also have an updated Help Center with documentations and relevant information when using Porter Metrics connectors and its main visualization platform, Google Data Studio.

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You can use Porter Metrics to access our report templates gallery, inspired by real use cases. Review the galley to access to:

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Reporting tutorial

We already have a tutorial to show you how to set up your report template, including use cases, charts customization, blending examples, and more.

Connectors metrics list

If you are working with our report template, you need to know all the metrics and dimensions that belong to. For this reason, we’ve created this list.

Connect with other apps

We know how powerful this report template is, and we also know how connecting this report with others apps can help you to have a full overview of your social media platforms.

You can check our connector list to review similar connectors such as Instagram Ads and Google Ads to create a cross-channel ads report visualizing your total ad spend and conversions across your paid channels.

Learn how to connect your report template with other apps in the following tutorial: Google data studio – Blending data.

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