Facebook Ads connector for Google Data Studio

Visualize more than 300 Facebook Ads metrics on Google Data Studio and automate your marketing reports in minutes. Interact with your data and visualize it the way you want with filters, regular expressions, and custom formulas. Use our Facebook Ads templates and start now!

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Automate your Facebook Ads reporting without coding

Avoid the manual workload. Porter gives you set-and-forget Facebook Ads reports that updates automatically. You don’t need coding skills, just drag and drop to create interactive reports. 

Share your reports with your team or clients

Share your reports with your team and clients and allow them to interact with your Facebook Ads reports. Adjust permissions to allow them to be editors or just visualizing the report.

Facebook Ads connector for Google Data Studio

Analyze your Facebook Ads with no limits

Leverage Data Studio features

Forget about non-actionable and inflexible data reports. Google Data Studio allows you to compare your Facebook Ads main KPIs, add filters, customize charts, blend data, create your own formulas, schedule email deliveries, and much more.

Visualize your ad creatives, copies, and calls to action

Find out your best-performing Facebook Ads creatives. 

Compare images, post types, copy, calls to action, and other factors that influence your advertising performance. 

Track and analyze your experiments by visualizing them in a way that cannot be done on the Facebook Ads Manager, thanks to the flexibility of Google Data Studio. 

Hundreds of fields

Supported metrics

We bring everything from the Facebook Ads Manager, including categories metrics such as: 
  • Performance
  • Amount spent
  • Clicks
  • Page Post Engagement
  • Messaging
  • Media
  • Video
  • Awareness
  • Custom conversions Website data (Facebook Pixel)
  • Standard Events
  • App metrics

Dimensions: break down your data

Break down your Facebook Ads data by placement, platform, devices, demographics, geography, and dozens of more dimensions to quickly find insights—and understand why your ads perform the way they do. 

Facebook Ads Performance Report

Visit our Metrics and Dimensions list for Facebook Ads

Use our Facebook Ads Templates

Get started in seconds by using our customizable Google Data Studio Templates inspired in real use cases from marketing teams and agencies. 

Learn how to connect your Facebook Ads to Google Data Studio

Learn to build your 1st Facebook Ads report on Google Data Studio in a minute.

Go deeper with our Complete Guide to set your Facebook Ads Reports

Google Data Studio complete tutorial

 In our complete tutorial you will learn:
  • Introduction to Google Data Studio
  • How to create a Google Data Studio account and connecting data
  • Filters and Controls
  • Create Formulas
  • Case Statements / Case When
  • Regular Expressions / REGEX
  • Blending Data
  • Customize your Google Data Studio Report
  • Share your reports and learn how to schedule them to receive them on your mail

Facebook ads pricing

Pay for connections. (i.e. the number of Facebook Ads accounts you connect to Data Studio). 


$12.5 / month, billed annually
  • $15/mo, billed monthly
  • 1 user
  • 1 account
  • 1 data source


$66.6 / month, billed annually
  • $80/mo, billed monthly
  • 5 users
  • 20 accounts
  • 3 data sources


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our Facebook Ads connector for Google Data Studio includes Instagram Ads data.

You have access to all the metrics and dimensions from the Facebook Ads connector.

No, there is not a free Google Data Studio connector for Facebook Ads. If you want to create your Facebook Ads Dashboard in GDS for free, then you have to do it manually. The first step it’s downloading your Facebook Ads data in CSV and copy-pasting it into Google Sheets, then you have to connect that Google Sheets  to Google Data Studio. We made a step by step tutorial to teach you how to use Google Sheets with Google Data Studio 

We have Facebook Page Insights  and Instagram Page Insights

Soon we are launching Linkedin Ads, Google Sheets, Google My Business, Twitter and much more.


We haven’t welcomed you formally, such impolite!

Porter Metrics offers Business Intelligence solutions for leading retail companies. By connecting sales data from POS systems from our customers and combining it with in-store traffic data that we collect with our own smart cameras, we help physical stores measure KPIs as done online. 

We noticed most businesses have a problem: they don’t know what is going on in their business. 

That’s why we’re joining other verticals to help them track the KPIs that matter the most for their business. 

We aim to be more than just a connector, we give you a community and a learning space while you connect your data whenever you want.

We take the raw data from the Facebook Ads API  and transform it to build custom metrics and dimensions others don’t offer (we bring +300 fields).

We’re digital marketers. We live by data and understand our peer’s pain points. We create weekly templates inspired in use cases that you can use for free. 

As our client, you have direct support from your Google Data Studio Dashboard with our Google Chrome extension.

It’s not smart. Tools like Google Data Studio, Tableau, Power BI, Qlik, and Looker are leading providers with extensive experience, market positioning, Billions in funds, and an huge community of developers and enthusiasts (like us) using them, creating documentation, tutorials,  and making them better. 

Developing and owning a visualization tool would be selfish; your data would be siloed and you wouldn’t have a community offering you advice, guides, tutorials, open source developments, and more. 

We’re building the connectors to allow you to place your data in whatever tool you want.

 Reach us out on our website’s online chat. We will answer as soon as we can. 

You can also reach us through email. We will respond within 24 hours.

We welcome you to take a look at our documentation and video tutorials. 

As our client, you have direct support from your Google Data Studio report with our Google Chrome extension. You will receive access when you activate one of our connectors.

We also encourage you to join our Facebook group, a community of marketers and developers who love dashboards and web tools—just like we do! 

You’re free to cancel your plan at any time. You will only be billed until the last payment cycle. 

While we will be sad to see you leave, we made our cancellation process smooth.  

Our refund policy works this way: if it is the 1st time you pay a monthly plan, and you don’t like it, you can request a 100% refund before the next payment cycle. 


Set-and-forget reports

In a few minutes automate your Facebook Ads reports—forever. 

no credit card needed*