Supermetrics vs Power My Analytics Review

No matter the industry you are in, data is crucial. Most decisions these days are either backed by or supported with data. If you want to further grow your business, you need it. There are many tools on the market that allow you to gather data whether it is for social media, SEO, or any […]

Best Power My Analytics Alternatives You Were Looking For

Data analysts all over the world use different tools to automate their marketing data reporting in Google Data Studio. Automating marketing data reporting in Google Data Studio happens by adding different data connectors and visualizing the aggregated data. One of the most popular tools for this on the market is called Power My Analytics.  While […]

10 actual Supermetrics alternatives: an unbiased comparison list

TL;DR: some of the best Supermetrics alternatives include Porter Metrics, Power My Analytics, Fivetran,, Adverity, and Apipenhy. Yet, to come up with a comprehensive list, I will explain how to understand the marketing reporting and analytics industry from a founder and investor perspective. I’m the co-founder at Porter—an actual Supermetrics alternative— and had a […]