Supermetrics vs Power My Analytics Review

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No matter the industry you are in, data is crucial. Most decisions these days are either backed by or supported with data. If you want to further grow your business, you need it. There are many tools on the market that allow you to gather data whether it is for social media, SEO, or any other purpose. 

Even with all this data at everyone’s disposal, marketers, data analysts and business owners face one common problem — how to put all of these various data sources together. Using multiple platforms is messy, confusing and time-consuming. Because of this, people have developed tools that allow us to gather and display all our data. Supermetrics and Power My Analytics are both tools used by thousands of companies all over the world for this exact purpose. 

Supermetrics promises to gather all the marketing data you need and bring it to your reporting or analytics platform of choice. They claim to be the #1 reporting automation tool for SEO, social media, PPC and web analytics. Power My Analytics is a reporting automation tool that helps digital marketers to collect data from popular social media, email, advertising and other platforms, then integrate the metrics into their favorite data destination such as Google Data Studio, Google Analytics, Microsoft Excel and more.

Both Supermetrics and  Power My Analytics offer a great solution to a common problem of marketers and business owners all over the world. However, choosing the right one for your business is not easy which is why in this post we will be looking at different variables to help you choose the right tool for your needs.

Let us get started.

Supermetrics vs Power My Analytics: Destinations

When comparing reporting automation tools, which data destinations are available is one of the most important factors to consider. Data destinations are locations where the various data you collected is integrated to.

For Supermetrics, you can use technical options such as API, Azure, Big Query and Snowflake together with the usual Google Sheets, Google Data Studio, Excel, various other BI tools, data warehouses and data lakes to store your data. On the other hand, Power My Analytics can integrate data to Google Data Studio, Google Analytics, Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel. Both platforms offer the same baseline destinations but Supermetrics offers more choices. 

Supermetrics vs Power My Analytics: Data sources (connectors)

Which data connectors are available is an equally important factor as data destinations which you should consider when making a choice between Supermetrics and Power My Analytics. A data source or a data connector is the location where data you want to analyze, report on or visualize come from. 

There are a lot of data connectors that you can use with Supermetrics. Users can choose among 70+ different platforms, most of which are marketing platforms. The most popular ones include Facebook Ads, Facebook Insights, Instagram Insights, Pinterest Ads Data and Public Data, YouTube data — which includes over 34 metrics and 35 dimensions and more. The full list of available connections can be found on their website

Alt text: supermetrics data sources

Power My Analytics offers a bit fewer data connectors compared to Supermetrics. At the moment, they offer data from 30 different sales and marketing platforms such as AdRoll, Amazon, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Facebook Page Insights, Quora, LinkedIn Ads and more. 

Alt text: power my analytics data sources

If you need a data source that currently is not supported by Power My Analytics, you can let the team know and they just might build it for you. The full list of Power My Analytics data sources can be found here.

Supermetrics vs Power My Analytics: Pricing

The price of Supermetrics is different based on the data destination of your choice. Right now, we will be looking at Supermetrics’ prices for Google Data Studio.

Supermetrics is available in two different plans: the first plan starts from about $48 per month per data source. In this plan, you can use up to 8 different data sources and 1 user. 

The second — custom — plan allows you to use more than 8 data sources and more than one 1 user. The pricing for this plan is not available online and you will need to contact the Supermetrics team for a quote. Supermetrics is available in a free 14-day trial. It offers full features and it does not require a credit card.

Alt text: supermetrics for data studio pricing plans

Power My Analytics is available in four different plans: Business, Pro, Agency and Enterprise. The cheapest plan starts at $24.96 per month when paid annually and it includes 2 different team members, 3 data sources, email and phone support. The second and the third plan are similar, they both offer unlimited data sources, email and phone support. The only difference is with the number of users. The Pro plan is limited to 3 team members. 

There is also the  Enterprise plan which is offered at a custom price and it includes unlimited team members, data sources and a dedicated account manager. You can contact the Power My Analytics team for a direct quote. Just like Supermetrics, Power My Analytics offers a free 14-day full access trial, available without a credit card.

Overall, Power My Analytics is available in more plans and for a cheaper price that offers more.

Alt text: power my analytics pricing plans

Supermetrics vs Power My Analytics: Support

Supermetrics offers an email support system, forum and a knowledge base. Power My Analytics offers phone and email support for all their users and a dedicated support representative for their enterprise users. Just like Supermetrics, Power My Analytics offers a knowledge base on their website.

Both of the platforms offer similar customer support systems. The only difference between the two is the forum that Supermetrics offer and the dedicated representative Power My Analytics offers for enterprise plans.  

However, some users are also able to list several cons when it comes to Supermetrics and their customer service. For more reviews, follow this link

Alt text: supermetrics for data studio review

Porter — an alternative to both Supermetrics and Power My Analytics

While both Supermetrics and Power My Analytics have their benefits and uses, they’re not perfectly suitable for small to medium marketing agencies and companies that may not have a developer at hand.

 In this case, Porter may prove to be perfect thanks to its user-friendly and no-code approach with great support, affordable pricing and available tutorials. Porter is our solution and it allows you to quickly connect your favorite apps and reporting tools to automate all your marketing reporting needs, no matter if you are running a small business or an agency. 

Alt text: porter metrics dashboard

Right now, Porter can track data from Facebook, Instagram and TikTok Ads, Facebook and Instagram Insights, LinkedIn Pages and LinkedIn ads. You can use Porter to keep track of your campaigns, audience insights, reach, engagements, Instagram stories, LinkedIn leads and so much more. 

Porter is a much simpler alternative to both Supermetrics and Power My Analytics. By using our solution, you can save so much time you would usually spend on manually reporting on your marketing efforts. With our tool, you can build beautiful dashboards in Google Data Studio. 

Porter offers a more personalized support experience than Supermetrics and Power My Analytics. We have a live chat option and you can even request video calls whenever you need them. In addition to great report templates, tutorials and documentation, we also offer a Google Chrome extension called Data Studio Helper, allowing us to directly support you from Google Data Studio.

Final thoughts

Supermetrics and Power My Analytics are both great solutions to report and visualize your data. Supermetrics has been the champion for many years but due to recent pricing changes, many people have started looking at alternatives such as Power My Analytics.

Supermetrics does offer more but Power My Analytics offers a similar experience (albeit a bit more limited) for a cheaper price. However, we strongly encourage you to try our solution — Porter as it provides the best experience, prices and customer support out of the bunch.

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