How to create a Facebook Page Insights Dashboard on Google Data Studio

Here’s a step by step guide of how to create a Facebook Page Insights report on Google Data Studio. We start on the basic things you need to know about Google Data Studio and then we go deeper into understanding your Facebook Page. PS: if you already know Google Data Studio, skip the step-by-step explanation […]

Blending Facebook Ads + Google Ads data on Google Data Studio: guide and template

There are some questions that marketers ask often: What is our Customer Acquisition Cost? How is our paid advertising performing? How much budget are we spending on ads and how many conversions we get? Answer these questions is fundamental, but answering is tricky. Most marketing blog posts talk about their relevance but a few talk […]

How to copy our Data Studio templates: Facebook Ads

If you’re new to Google Data Studio and would like to copy and paste our templates, this is your guide. Here’s a video first, if you prefer: Now, here’s the step-by-step guide. All our Data Studio templates come with a button in the top right corner that says Use template. Click it. Now, we will […]

Free Manychat reports with Google Data Studio: tutorial and template

Both Manychat and Google Data Studio are some of my favorite software products. I will honor them with a step-by-step tutorial to help you automate Manychat reports on Google Data Studio automatically and for free. We will follow three steps: Sending Manychat Data to Google Sheets Connecting Google Sheets to Data Studio Creating a Google […]

Google Data Studio tutorial for 2021: automate your reports in 10 steps

Google Data Studio tutorial

📊 📈This Google Data Studio tutorial, on your email Save this Google Data Studio tutorial (and a Google Docs version) on your email. 📧 Get the tutorial on my email In this Google Data Studio tutorial, we will go through all the steps needed to automate your reports and tell stories with actionable visualizations: Why […]

How this ex-Googler builds his Facebook & Google Ads reports

TL;DR: Juan Lombana, a Google Marketing expert, switched from manual reporting on Google Sheets to blend and visualize Facebook Ads and Google Ads data on Google Data Studio, automatically. Here’s how he does it. About Juan Lombana Juan Lombana is, probably, the most renowned Google Ads expert in the Hispanic market and Latin America. He’s […]

How we landed a Fortune 500 company with content marketing

Long story short: we published a COVID-19 dashboard that went kind of viral and attracted the attention of a large company that would become a customer, leading to several projects and contracts with our startup.  I’d like to say that such a win was premeditated, and it was part of our marketing strategy, but it […]

How to use Google Data Studio with Google Sheets: step-by-step tutorial

In the last session, we explored the Google Data Studio connectors. In this session, we will create a report on Google Data Studio with Google Sheets. Why Google Sheets is great for Data Studio There’s a misunderstanding of people comparing Google Sheets VS Google Data Studio, when they’re complementary, not alternatives. As we have mentioned […]

20 Google Data Studio dashboards examples for marketers

In the previous lesson, we mentioned the importance of Business Intelligence, data visualization, and Google Data Studio. In this lesson, we’ll see how other companies use Google Data Studio and, in general, some Google Data Studio dashboards examples. You can find good examples on our Google Data Studio templates gallery. To reduce the hype around […]