About Porter

Porter helps you visualize and track your most important KPIs so you can understand what’s going on in your business.

Founding team

Carlos Gómez


Carlos codes since he was 14 years old. We can’t tell how he can take on projects of all kinds, like web, APIs, 3D printing, scraping, hardware, neural networks, automation and even welding (?).

Mateo Gómez

Mateo Gómez


With background in many industries, Mateo understands customers pain points to transform data and technical stuff into actual solutions. 

Juan José Bello (1)

Juan Bello


Juan is an authentic Google Data Studio fan; he has an online course on it and even built a dashboard to track COVID-19 in Colombia that went viral—just for fun. 

About us

We’re not new in business. We serve some of the leading retail companies in Latin America, providing them insights on their stores performance. Some of our customer include Specialized, the number one bicycles manufacturers in the world, and Sodimac Corona, par of Falabella, a multinational company with more than 100k employees. 

We take pride for every customer, however small it may be, though.

During our experience, we have consistently noticed some pain point in most businesses: they don’t understand what is going on; they don’t have accurate, centralized, and user-friendly information to make decisions fast; and their systems are siloed and information is decentralized.