TikTok Ads Overview – FREE Report Template

Visualize and customize your TikTok Ads performance data and get everything you need in one page (Mobile-friendly)  Download it for FREE and start sharing the most relevant metrics with your teams. 

TikTok Ads report overview

Visualize the most relevant metrics to determine the success of your TikTok Ads campaign. Share with your teams this dashboard daily, weekly or monthly to make better and faster decisions around your Ads strategy. 

Our TikTok Ads Overview Report for Google Data studio is comprehensive and covers the most important metrics to track the paid content and its performance. 

Get everything you need right in the palm of your hand with this mobile friendly dashboard. 

Included KPIs

This TikTok Ads report template contains a conversion funnel. Audience metrics and content performance charts to get a complete visualization of the performance of your campaign. Customize  the charts according to your TikTok Ads objectives  and share this report with your team in only one click!  


  • Costs, clicks, and impressions.
  • Age and gender by impressions.
  • Campaign objective by cost, cost per result, conversions, impressions, and clicks.

Ready To Use TikTok Ads template 

This is a set-and-forget TikTok Ads Overview report for Google Data Studio. Follow the steps and share! 

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  2. Create a Porter Metrics account
  3. It’s all yours

Discover everything you can do with our Google Data Studio Connector: TikTok Ads Porter Connector

The steps to copy a Data Studio report template are simple:

  • Make sure you’re signed in to your Google account and have a Google Data Studio account. 
  • Go to the report template and click on Use template.
  • Then connect the data source; we recommend you Porter Metrics connectors. 
  • Generate the copy, and you’re done. 

You can follow this guide on copying report templates on Google Data Studio.

Here are also a guide to connect different apps to Google Data Studio

You can find our documentation at our help center.

You can also request our team to help you set up your first report for free by scheduling a call

Yes, Google Data Studio—like most Google Marketing products—is free. 

The connections to report data from Google products like Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Search Console, Google Sheets, and Youtube are free, too. 

If you want to connect third-party apps like Facebook, Shopify, or your CRM to report their data on Data Studio, you may use a different provider, like Porter.

Those services generally have a cost. At Porter, we offer a 14-day free trial for all our connectors.

Yes, the report template is free. 

However, pulling the data automatically requires a Google Data Studio connector. 

If the data comes from a Google product, like Google Analytics or Youtube, the connector is free. 

But if you pull data from a third party like Shopify or Facebook, you may rely on a provider like Porter Metrics. 

Once you create a copy of your template and successfully create your first report, you’ll start a 14-day free trial with us. 

If you don’t want to upgrade a plan with Porter, you may keep with the template but the connectors will stop working. 

You may keep using our connectors by upgrading so the data displays or use another connector with the same report template. 


Yes, it’s a priority. 

Feel free to schedule a call to help you set up your reports for free. 

Reach out to us via the website chat or the email support@portermetrics.com

Also follow our documentation, Youtube channel, and access our Facebook group. 

Porter is the Zapier for data reporting. 

We connect your favorite apps—think of Shopify, Facebook, or your CRM—to your reporting tool or spreadsheet. 

We’re better for people whose day involves some data analysis but don’t code. 


Needed apps to connect to your report template.

Reporting tool

Where the template will work.


Automate your reporting with templates

Convert to PDF

With Google Data Studio, you can download all your reports in a PDF version.

Email scheduling

Send your reports automatically to whom you want. Schedule weekly, daily, or monthly reports to the emails you choose.

All your data in one place

In the same report view, you can combine data from multiple sources like Facebook, Google, Shopify, and more, so you truly have everything in one place.


Change the look-and-feel of your reports by adding custom logos, colors, and fonts. With Data Studio, you can embed your reports anywhere and manage users permissions as needed.

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